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What is wrong with these plants?

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I have had these plants for about a week. I'm wondering about the yellow leaves on the hygro, the brown leaves on the java fern, and the browninsh color on the tips of some of the wisteria leaves and at some of the joints.

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It looks like they are starving. Do you dose fertilizers?
Sorry I guess I should have mentioned that. They were starting to look this way when I bought them.

The tank they are in now is a 10 gallon that has had DIY co2 running for 2 days. I have dosed flourish excel, but the guy at my lfs keeps stalling on getting the other flourish products. so it has had no ferts.

They're probably going to suffer a bit longer. However, they should regrow. New plants must acclimate. Two days is too little time to come to any conclusion. Give them a couple of weeks. Keep the CO2 pumping and get the ferts in when you can. Order online if the LFS isn't willing to expedite your request.
The Hygrophila diformis is showing severe iron deficiency, especially visible in the last picture.
Will the java fern have any negative effects from having its roots burried in the gravel?
As long as the rhizome isn't buried, it will be OK.
whats your lighting setup? my guess would be lighting issue. How long has the tank been setup?
Thanks all!

I ordered the seachem products today. I would love to use the dry fertilizers but am just to scarred to use them in this tank, with me being a newbie. I've had these fish too long, if I messed up and something happened to them I would be sick.

Thanks again!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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