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What kind of algae is this?

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I have been struggling with this for months. I pull it out by the handful every week. It has taken over everything. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it? It appears white and stringy. When I pull it out it has a rough feel and is green when clumped together. Even though I try to get it all, it still comes back as strong as ever. I have tried lights out, fertilizing, not fertilizing, CO2 fert to 6.0 pH, non-CO2 to 8.o pH. Not sure what else to try. Lighting is 2-4' T5 HO and 2-4' Actinic. Tank is a 90 gal.


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I have some Mopani Driftwood from Foster&Smith as well, in my 10g tank that I just set up. I have something growing off of it similar to what you have, just not as bad. On parts, it looks clear stringy like that, and on others, covers the drift wood like a web.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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