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I've been using an AM 1000 for the better part of the past three years and have no complaints. Some of that time I've had a pH/CO2 controller running the system, sometimes I haven't. I'm currently running my CO2 on a timer rather than being controlled by a pH probe.

The CO2's set for 5-7 bubbles per second on a 90g. I've got the rate so high because the tank's lit by a 2x 250w HQI system. The reactor's set up on my filter's intake and does a pretty good job of diffusing CO2 into the water. Near the end of the photoperiod there's some recalcitrant gas in the chamber but it gets absorbed when the lights are off. The only times I notice excessive gas in the chamber are when the filter media needs to be cleaned or when there's something choking the intake. Otherwise it's clear sailing.

I've found my AM 1000 to be very efficient, but in my experience it hardly requires a pH controller to operate safely. Taking care to know how your tank reacts to CO2 input and adjusting your settings accordingly will be sufficient for safe long term operation.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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