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Planorbid, Physa and Melanoides tuberculata, if you need scientific terms for research. None will eat healthy plant tissue. All can be prolific with a good food source.

MTS have a rock hard shell that copes best with soft water of all common snails. The shells are so hard they are not recommended as feed snails for fish like Puffers as they can break their teeth. MTS are valued for their cleaning and substrate turning ways, which helps to prevent compacting & Hydrogen Sulfide issues. They're not easy to erradicate and you only need one to end up with a tank full. There are several 'fancy' forms now as well (see attached).

Planorbid and Physa can be used to feed snail-loving fish. They are also tough snails which survive most conditions. Most Botia Loaches can clean up an infestation. The site didn't like the file size of this one, but you can find a picture of common pest/pond snails here:


1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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