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I am setting up a soil-based tank and would like to know what micronutrient source I can add to it so that I do not have to frequently dose traces?

I have done some reading on soil-based tanks. I will boil the top soil to remove the NH4/urea. But from what I could find online, people are saying that soil are usually low in micronutrients, particularly iron. So, I am wondering what I can add to correct this deficiency?

I was thinking of adding laterite but that only adds iron. What about the other micronutrients?

Also, I don't want to mix the soil with gravel since the top soil mix I plan on using is the cheap kind from Home Depot which is primarily sand anyway. Is this ok? Is it going to turn the tank into a stinking mess since a lot of posts I've read suggest only 1" or so?

Oh another thing: how long do I have to boil the soil to remove all of the NH4/urea?

This is a low light/low maintenance tank. Thanks for all your help. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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