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What Plant

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I need a plant to add to the bottom of my tank I dont want to cover the substrate completely but I want to add like a grass or something.
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Dwarf Hairgrass might work if your light isn't too strong, otherwise it will eventually cover the substrate. Also, small crytocorynes (willisii, lucens, parva...) would work nicely and leave some substrate visible.
I will co2 next week and i have almost 4wpg, and I use fert tabs.
Here's a link to the Plant Finder:

There is also a link to it in the top left of your screen in a gold menubar. Once you're in the PlantFinder, look to the right and you'll see an option to search by placement. Select Foreground and it'll give you several plants that will work.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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