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Woke up this morning,
With the no CO2 blues.....

Saturday morning, bubbles cease to rise from the CO2 bubble counter (JBJ). The 5lb CO2 cylinder was installed in September so it should not have run out. Checked the cylinder, it is out. Rush down to Liberty Industrial Gas Supplies, get a refill (USD20.00 including taxes in NYC). Install the new cylinder. No pressure, check the JBJ regulator body and find it is hissing. Seems like there is a leak therein, not at the regulator cylinder connection but in the regulator body before the bubble counter/check valve. Such is life. The only thing I could do was to get a 2 litre soda bottle and attach a DIY yeast CO2 supply, which I did and which was running in an hour.

I emailed the supplier and he answered on Saturday (a great supplier too, full marks) and I have to get in touch with JBJ Monday to try and get a replacement. In the meantime, I think that getting the replacement JBJ is at best going to take a week so I order on-line an Azoo regulator from Aquatic Eco-Systems (since I have another tank in the office which is coming up).... The Azoo, from the photo, looks similar in make to JBJ. Both of which, I think, are made in Taiwan. For me, the Azoo is slightly more convenient in that the bubble counter is omitted.

Which brings me to the point of this thread. Things run out, breakages occur, pipes leak, that's life. What should a well-prepared aquarist have on hand to take into account these eventualities? (Without having a garage full of junk). My short list would be:

  • 1. Filter impeller shaft spare (ceramic shafts break easily if one is clumsy in cleaning them and they take days to order on-line)
    2. CO2 source or regulator? (at least a DIY system in case the cylinder runs out)
    3. Shipping bags (in case you want to send those prunings away to someone)
    4. Fertilizers (those that one uses regularly)
    5. Silicon sealant
    6. Nylon washers for your CO2 system (Greg Watson)
    7. Heater (Gnatster)
    8. Battery Powered Air Pump (Gnatster)
    9. Power Strip (Gnatster)
    10. Green Pump thing on faucet side for your Python, always break at the worst times (Gnatster)
    11. Spare filter (whiskey)
    12. Check valves (JanS)
    13. Heat packs (JanS)
    14. (Rio or other) pump for reactors etc (JanS)


Some people would add Flourish Iron

I am reminded of that small article in Takashi Amano's first book about when he was experimenting with using bottles of carbonated soda water to add CO2 to his aquaria. His apartment was littered with them..... so it goes.

The other unexpected thing that happened on Sunday when I did a water change on the tank was that I found a tiny wee Corydoras julii fry. The hair grass is dense and there are things in it which I know nothing about.

Andrew Cribb

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I too keep a spare impeller for each different size filter.
Spare C02 tubing
Check valves (I've had a ton of them snap off)
Rio pump for the reactor
Silicone or epoxy for quick repairs
Heat packs

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I was thinking that might be reasonable - but failed to take it into account. I am going to order some now.


Thanks. I suspected as such but didn't want to harp on that point. I am happy with JBJ but the build quality is a bit light weight.

Andrew Cribb

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I always keep a spare filter (biowheel 170) running on my 125 Gallon oscar tank at all times just in case I need to set up a Q tank or have a filter fail. I also keep one on the fuge of my SW setup for the same reason, thay way I always have a spare cycled filter.

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