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What to suppliment red cherry shrimp?

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I was curious what to suppliment red cherry shrimp? I have read spinach, cucumbers, and zucchini. Do you know anything else that they would eat besides algea?
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A friend of mine feeds his cherries freeze dried krill. I feed my amanos whatever foods make it to the bottom.
I think many animals don't think of themselves as certain types of eaters in the wild. They get a ton of variety and many many community fish like algae or similar greens. Spirulina I have found to be an excellent supplement to the diet for both fish and shrimp.

I am not positive but I believe cherries are fairly hardy shrimp. I haven't found amanos difficult at all. They are always foraging and keeping the tank clean. Wish I could keep them in my bigger tank, unfortunately they would be food.

Try to keep their transfer into the tank as stress free as possible. Hiding places are very important to shrimp I think. Feeding not difficult, they do it for a living :]
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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