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What to suppliment red cherry shrimp?

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I was curious what to suppliment red cherry shrimp? I have read spinach, cucumbers, and zucchini. Do you know anything else that they would eat besides algea?
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I sometimes feed mine Wardley's Shrimp pellets and they love them! Usually only when I remember or I want to try and count how many I have in a tank.

I also have about a dozen Chery Reds in a 5g for nearly 2 months now and they haven't received anything other than what they can scavenge. There are no fish in the tank, a couple C. lutea, 5-6 Anubias nana and a mass of Java Moss. They always seem to be foraging in the Java Moss.

They seem to be pretty hardy shrimp. When I moved from Maryland to Ohio, I brought them with me in a small Rubbermaid container with a lump of Java Moss. They received no food or water changes for almost 2 weeks until I could get my tanks moved in and set up. I started with about 24 shrimp and half of those survived. I now have dozens of them spread about my tanks so I wouldn't worry too much about feeding them!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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