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I'll post a short background on how the tank got to this point below, but does anyone know what's going on here / seen this before:


Short background: last summer I went on a long-ish vacation (10 days) and asked my non-fish keeping neighbor to feed my small cohort of nano-fish once and a pinch during the time I was gone. If you guessed I came home to an extreme excess of food all over the substrate... you guessed right. I tried to counteract the damage, but with a tank this small and our city water being 8.0+ pH out of the tap, I think the incessant water changes I was doing to try and combat the algae growth at the time was too much for my livestock. They've all since passed and I decided to mostly leave the tank alone with only plants until it stabilized... instead it did this. The whitish circles appear to be trapped pockets of gas, either oxygen from the plants, or possibly a byproduct of some other process. I'm not sure what's going on, but the solution seems to be to just tear it down and start over. However, if it can be salvaged as is, I'd like to try as both an experiment and lesson in art of maintaining a planted tank.
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