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What's the BEST purchase you ever made?

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Got my JBJ All in one C02 regulator and man is it SWEET!! A big two thumbs up to this product!

Anyone ever bought something so good you felt you were obligated to tell the world??
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I have several.

Eheim Ecco 2231

Ebo Jager Submersible Heater

Mag-Float Algae Scraper

Python Water Changer....

foot long Tweezers (oh yea baby)
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another good purchase I made.... tetratec check valves... <--all the other check valves i've had broke down..
aha! another magfloat buddy! yea these things are great.

a word of caution for acrylic owners, even the magfloat designed for acrylic tanks will eventually scratch it....

i got magfloats only for my glass tanks.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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