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What's the deficency?

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Here is a pic of my hydrophillia difformis. I believe that it hasa deficency of some kind but not sure what. I had a bad case of hair/thread algae for a bit and some Amano shrimp took care of the problem. THis is what hte leaves looked like afterwards. Is it a deficency or are the dead brown spots areas where the algae was attached. They are definate holes in the leaves. Growth is not very old, I dose K to 10ppm at wc plus what ever I get from KNO3. Here are my levels, Kh ~4(adjusted from 2 with NaHCO3) Gh ~9(no adjustment) NO3 5-10, P dose .5 ppm at wc, used to dose more but was tying to get the hair/thread algae under control. I know P is not really a cause but when I dose more P/Fe I get it so... anyway,

Does this look like a deficency? Sorry for the crappy pic quality :oops:

Thanks alot:)
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The Hygrophila difformis does, indeed, look sick. How well are other plants growing, like the Rotala indica and the Glossostigma? Please tell us some more about your setup. Size of tank? Amount and kind of lighting? Are you adding CO2? If so, by what method, and how much? Are you adding micronutrients?

Use the I Need Help Template.
Sorry Art,

It was late :oops: I do like this new way though.

1. Tank water volume: 10 gallons

2. Tank lighting (type, watts per gallong, etc.): 45 watts NO florescent.
2x9325K and 1x6500K

3. Tank filtration: Penguin 125 wihtout the bio wheel

4. Tank substrate: regular inert gravel,

5. Plants: Rotala indica, Ludwigia repens, Hydrophila difformis, Marsilea angustifolia, and Lisomachia nummularia

6. Fish: 7 neon tetras, 5 ghost shrimp, 5 Amano shrimp

7. Test kits used (brand and type): NO3 Red sea, Kh, Gh, pH Aquarium Pharm.

8. Fertilization regimen (include products used):Dose NO3/P/K at wc, Dose to NO3-10ppm, P-1ppm, K-10ppm(plus whatever is in the KNO3)Flourish 1ml every other day, Flourish Fe 1ml twice a week. Watch plants to redose P during week, usually once mid week. Test NO3 mid-week and dose accoringly. Dose Flourish Trace 1ml once a week, mid week.

9. Do you CO2? Yes, pressurized. ~30ppm

10. Water change routine: 50% once a week, glass scrub and light gravel vac. Adjust Kh to 4 (from 2) with baking soda(~1/8th teaspoon)

11. How long has the tank been set up?gravel for 5-6 months but rescaped about 2 months ago. Half of the gravel(changed to sand) was changd about 3 weeks ago.

12. Describe your question or problem in detail: See above description and pic. All the other plants are doing ok I have been dosing less P than I used to and as a result I am noticing a difference in the intensity of hte colors. I have been having a prob with hair/thread algae lately so I have not been dosing P and Fe as much as before. I know that higher levels of nutrients don't technically cause algae but when ever I dose P or Fe heavily, next day there was an increase in the algae. I realize these thing are often dependant on many other factors, but one thing at a time to my thinking.

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Thanks for using the template, it helps.

Are the sick looking leaves/stems the older or the newer or both?

From the image, it looks as if something did a number on the plant and damaged it. However, new shoots would appear healthy if that was the case.

IME, H. difformis is a quick indicator of nutrient imbalances so you may be seeing things with it before the others. You said the others looked OK. Any holes in their leaves?
Basically I would consider the damage to be on the older leaves. Growth more than a week or 2 old. I got the Amano shrimp around that time and those leaves were ones that were very covered with algae. After the shrimp cleaned them up I have what you see in the pic. The rotala has a littel of that but only in a couple of places and they are places I know had a fair omount of algae on them too. I am assuming that the dead spots are areas that either died from the algae growth, or were weakened by the algae and the shrimps thought the tender areas were tasty. My plants have seemed very healthy lately, although it is hard to tell from any pics since I did a big trim last week that removed much of that evidence. I agree that H difformis seems to be a good indicator of nutrient balance also, and I must say that it has not loked as vibrant as normal and the growth has been slower. I associate that with lower dosing of P and Flourish. When I was running P levels ov 1.5-2 and dosing more flourish the difformis grew MUCH better. It really seems to like P.

Anyway, thanks for the comments and help.
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With 30 ppm CO2 and 4 watts per gallon, that H. difformis ought to be growing like crazy. Instead, it looks totally stopped. I wonder how well rooted it is. Could the roots have died?
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