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Hi all,

I have a contact who can get me the ada glass lily pipes from asia! now all i have to do is choose the model #.

I found this site:

and amano's site shows the sizes for the pipes:

I can't read japanese, but i know i want 13 mm pipes.
now for those of you who are in the know....

1. for the classic outlet lily pipes, what's the difference between the P-1,P-2,P-4, and P-6? Amano's website says their all 13 mm but they're different prices. Is it the material they're made of or something?

2.same question for the intake pipes: V-0, V-1, and V-4. I also notice for each model number (V-0), there's 2 model types: it that for length or something?

3. i notice on the merchant site, there are 3 pipes that have a circular loop at the top of the pipes, the fold into themselves, also there's no suction cups on them, i think there's 1 intake and 2 outlets.. what are they for?

4. What the hell are those metalic looking ones for? there are 4 of them on the merchant site, 2 intake and 2 outlet (i think).


1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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