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What's wrong with my regulator? CO2 pressure valve messed up.

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I tried to connect my presurized CO2 to my 29g tonight, and I'm having a problem. I'm not sure what to do.

This is the full pressurized CO2 system from my 75g which was working great before I moved. I have Milwaukee regulator, model MA957.

For some reason, the psi gauge is all the way on the wrong side? Instead of starting at 0 and going to 10 or 20, the needle is pointing at 100! If I turn the big knob on the front to release pressure, the needle then goes beyond 100, into the white area at the bottom, and then CO2 begins to come out of the little hole on the left side of the regulator (this almost seems as if it's some kind of overload release valve maybe?).

What do I do? How do I get the psi gauge working right?
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You can throw your Milwaukee regulator away and get one of these Victor dual stage regulators. :D

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Sounds to me as though that main nob as you call it (mine is a screw) is broken and not regulating pressure. That is usually a sign of a junk reg. Unless you can find someone to take it apart and rebuild it.
When the knob is all the way off the regulator(unscrewed all the way I mean), there's no flow, right?

If so, it means the spring inside your gauge is bent, and the L.P. gauge needs to be replaced.

This happens if you open the co2 cylinder while the knob is turned to high, it can release more pressure into the gauge than the gauge can measure, resulting in a bent spring. Bent springs can't be fixed without a way to calibrate them. Just replace the gauge.
I say the gauge is messed up too i have had this problem before and i just called the guess who made the regulator and they sent me a new one and it worked great.
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