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No, streaming is a natural event and is not harmful.

Here's a quote:
In terrestrial plants stomata play an important regulatory role during the gas exchange of water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Not so in aquatic plants where the permeation of gases through membranes constitutes the decisive process. Here the diffusion rate of a gas is proportional to the difference of the concentrations of the gas concerned inside or outside the membrane. If the CO2 concentration in water is 20mg/l at one stage and 2mg/l at another - under conditions of powerful light exposure - then the diffusion rate as well as the rate of photosynthesis will be ten times lower in the second case, assuming that the CO2 concentration within the cell will be very low under light exposure due to photosynthesis. During oxygen transportation from the cell the ratios should be similar. If, for instance, the oxygen concentrations within both the cell as well as the water measure 8mg/l each, diffusion will not occur. A drop or gradient in the concentration level has to be in place before oxygen permeates. If assimilation bubbles are visible, the oxygen concentration within the cell has to measure way above 40mg/l - which is equivalent to the balanced concentration of pure oxygen in water at a temperature of 25°C - because the gas bubbles contain mainly oxygen and not air.
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