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When picking 2.5 in. Discus, how do you avoid "juiced" fish?

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That is, fish that have been given color-enchancing hormones, which can weaken them.
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I work at the LFS, and we get from a known breeder that we have dealt with for many years. Also if the colors are too bright to believe at that size than don't get them. At 2.5 in there is not a lot of color so it can be hard to choose fish that will color up well as adults. The discus that are raised outside of the U.S. have almost adult coloring showing up at that size. Right now I am trying some of those real bright babies and I will see what happens in my tank.
In my opinion if it is has much color at all at that size, avoid it. Period. I have never seen a 2.5 inch discus with more than just a trace of color at best.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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