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When to fertilize new tank

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I'm not really new to planted tanks, but I'm starting a nano cube and need to brush up on the fundamentals. :D

This tank is 5.5 gal, fluorite black sand, 27 Watt Hamilton Bay Light, plus 14 watts CF. Excel dosed every day.

Should I start dosing this tank right from day one, or wait a few months later? All my other tanks I waited a few months before dosing. Just curious on additional ways to go about in planted tanks.
I'm hoping that this will be somewhat of a low maintenance tank (the reason I'm using excel instead of co2). This one is located at school so not too much time to tend to it. I'm thinking of adding root tabs and keeping manual dosing to a minimum. Is this method sufficient?

Thanks! ;)
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Yes root tabs and a Seachem Flourish/Iron/Excel weakly dosing schedule would work fine.

- Brad
if your using an organic form of co2 make sure your keeping your photo period short like 5 hours thats a lot of light for such a small tank if you want a longer photo period faster growth with less issues i would suggest going to compressed if not, just keep the light sparse or you'll run into problems if you have a ton of light and only excel as your carbon source. Root tabs are okay for low maintenance plants if you keep the light on too long and run into algae issues like GSA its time to start dosing the dry stuff to keep phosphates and TE sufficient .... then the addiction begins :D
then the addiction begins

I like that Jazzlvr123. :)
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