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Where do we get chems from to do PPS dosing ??

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Having just read this excellent description (courtesy of fabry - thankyou)

I realise that I have the chemical understanding of a cherry shrimp (sigh).

I live in Australia and would like to obtain the chems that I need to put together the solutions for PPS, but I don't quite know how I can buy them (and not be reported as a suspect terrorist/bomber) or to identify their common world equivalents so that I can buy them that way. Can someone point to a thread that might help me - as I'm sure the question has been asked before but with over 150 posts its a bit hard to find it.

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you can google dry ferts. Possibly put in something like aquarium ferts, or bulk dry ferts.
using this method might also get you to a thread in here that talks about just that.
Give it a shot.
P.S. I use
I believe they ship globaly.
Hi gronk709,

You can find most of the fertilizers at hydroponic plant supply shops as well as on line.
Thx all. had all that I needed. Much appreciated.

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