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Well. Just started planted tank recently (1 1/2 months). Wanted to get some advice on fertilizing. Let me give you a little background on my tank.

Standard 10g. tank.
1 20lbs bag of Ecocomplete
Plants: Lots of Java Ferns (lace and normal), Microswords, Anachris, Hornwort, Quillwort, unknown Ludwiga, and unknown fern. I'm about to make a large order online once i learn how to fert properly.
Fish: Betta, 4 amano shrimp, 2 ghost shrimp and 2 Otos.
Filtration: HOB whisper
Lighting: 2x 15watt screw-in sprial cf lights. 1x13watt cf. (2X13 ahsupply bright kit on the way to replace screw ins)
CO2: DYI jello at approx 14.9ppm (Just installed today, monitering co2 levels)
Current fertilizing routine: Flourish Bi-weekly at 1ml. Flourish Excel 1ml daily (considering removing this since i'm now using dyi)

Anyways, the big question here is what do i need to fertilize. I only have a few test kits so let me give you those (from the aquarium):

Ammonia: 0 ppm
Nitrite: 0 ppm
Nitrate: 20 ppm
Phosphate: <.5pmm (undetectable)
PH: 7.2
KH: 8

Local Water Report from 2003.

This whole fertilizing this is extremely confusing to me. I'm trying to read it all and understand, but well it's not sinking in. I know i need more phosphates and i cannot find a source of it at all from the boards at all. My water from tap already contains 20ppm, so i know i need to find a nitrate free source. I've been reading through the boards and alot of people dose iron, but with a tap source of 120 ppb of iron would i still need to dose?

LOL any help figuring out this mess would be highly appreciated! My head hurts from just typing it out =(

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