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where to find K2SO4?

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I'm trying to find this in something local. Other than all-green, is there another source?

Please disregard, sulfate of potash is really k2so4. boy, things you can find online. :)
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The Internet is the new "Local", is it not?

One of our most esteemed sponsors, Greg Watson to be found at supplies K2SO4 at a very reasonable price (and quickly). You will not regret going there for supplies of planted tank-related chemicals.

Andrew Cribb

I agree, it seems like they are great for supplies. But I saw this at my local plant store under sulfate of potash. I just didn't purchase it because I didn't know what it was. I like to help my local plant shops too - not the big box stores (That and I need it now, it seams like my tank has low sulfate characteristics :) )

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