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I am experienced with saltwater reef tanks, but have never done a plant tank. I am setting up a 140 gallon glass tank (no holes for overflow.)

I want to keep a fair number of small fish (angels, tetras, corys), and 2 "groves" of plants in the corners.

I want to keep my costs as low as possible, and I am not going to attempt any delicate or difficult plants. I just want a jungle feel as opposed to the rocky cave feel I've had in past FW tanks.

I'm pretty handy with building my own undergravel filters, and doing my own plumbing--but I've never drilled glass before (only acrylic.)

So I was thinking of sealing off the corner planted areas with glass about 6 inches high, and then building an undergravel filter to fill the rest of the bottom of the tank. The roots could not reach the U/G, but the tank would be filtered.

Would this work? Would the corners turn anaerobic? What kind of plants should I get? How much light do I need? I'm not interested in any metal halides--my electricity bill is high enough! I'd like to use as little energy as possible. what kind of substrate should I put in the corners?

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