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If you are going to only plant the back corners of the tank, then you would only need plant light for those corners. You might be able to get away with a shop light on each end using a 6700k bulbs. Or maybe a small fixture of some sort set across both ends. Then you could just use a regular flourescent fixture for the rest of the tank.

Undergravel filters are usually not recommend for planted tanks, for different reasons. But since you will not be planting that area of the tank a UG filter should be fine. But you might want to go with a canister filter or a couple of HOB's if you change your mind about planting.

The substrate does not matter that much, so any small (2-3mm) gravel will do, even sand will work. You will need to do some dosing of fertilizers into the water column, since this is where most plants draw their nutrients from.

As far as plants it all depends on the wattage that you end up with. You might want to check out our "PlantFinder" to see what plants you like & go from there.

Here's a good read for the beginner...
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