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Which Ca to buy?

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Should I get the calcium chloride or calcium carbonate? Whats the difference between both of them? How mant Tbs in 250ml should I disolve, since the fertilator doesn't work or load up for me, and Chuck Gadds calculator does not have a right mixture for it? Thanks
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Get the calcium chloride. Calcium carbonate doesn't dissolve. Also, calcium carbonate will affect both GH (Ca) and KH (CO3), where calcium chloride will only raise GH.
Thanks BHarada. But can someone solve the mystery of how much Tbs in 250 mls to mix it with, its for a 15G. How many ppms would I need to get the Mg and Ca ratio. Thanks again.
It depends on what you have already in your tap water. What's your GH now?

You'll need a GH test kit and a Ca test kit to determine what the breakdown of Ca and Mg are already in your water before you can figure out your dosing routine. Or you can just dose based on the growing conditions of your plants.
You've got me stumped on the test kits. I'll get back to you on my H2O parameters for GH and Ca test kits. Do I really need a Ca test kit? I was planning on buying just GH or KH test kit from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, since they test for both. THanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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