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The main advantage of the Carbo Plus is that it is un-intimadating, user friendly, very easy to set up. Safety wise, you do not have to worry about overdosing your aquarium, or back pressure, end of tank dump and the things asscociated with pressurized gas.

The cons are that the most C02 you can hope to get out of it is about 10ppm. It will not work in softwater as it needs carbonate to make C02. The bar and holder need frquent cleaning. Even though it has different settings, at maximum you still won't get more than 10ppm. The larger your aquarium, the less effective it becomes.

Gas gives you absolute control at all times as to how much C02 and when. You can shut it off at night, and you can keep it at a pretty stable level at all times. You can not do that with anything else.
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