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Hey people,

I thought that after I've presented myself in the "get to know each-other" section, I could fit myself here, adding my experience thoughts and help to this thread.

So let me start with my actual tank:

WHITE BELLY (when tetras "fly" over the white sand the get this white belly that looks pretty nice:D)

Aquapro Aquarium:
100 x 40 x 50
180L (47G)

6 x 39W DIY aquarium lid, 10cm (4in) above water level
-2 Giesseman Aquaflora 39W
-2 Giesseman MidDay 39W
-2 Osram 865 39W
With 4hours in the morning of 4 bulbs (AF and 865) - 10:00AM - 2:00PM followed by a break of 4 hours until 6PM and shut off by 12:00AM (they all start in an order with 30-45 minutes delay)

-1 x Tetratec ex1200
-Default media

120 cm Juwel Stand

-Aquamedic Volcanit: 5kg (10lbs)
-JBL Manado: around 15kg (30lbs)
-Noname Volcanic substrate: 15kg (30lbs)
-Noname White Sand: around 5kg (10lbs)
-Diy fertile substrate made out of clay, peat and JBL the 7 balls

-8 x Tetra Cardinal
-5 x Sae
-??? x RCS
-???? x Green Shrimp

Flora (hope I don't miss any)
-Didiplis Diandra
-Pogostem Erectus
-HC Cuba
-Cabomba Furcata
-Alt. rein. mini
-Eriocaulon Cinerum
-myriophyllum Mattogrosense
-Hedyotis Salzmannii
-Staurogyne Repens
-Blyxa Japonica
-Anubias Nana Petit
-Hydrocotile Tripartita Japan
-Ludwigia Arcuata
-Fissidens Fontanus
-Fontinalis Antypiretica

-3 Pieces of wood - Moor, Wine and Mangrove
-5 burned Stones

Fertilisation Daily
-5ml EasyLife Profito
-3ml EasyLife Ferro
-6ml Easylife Fosfo
...and after a water change I exchange Fosfo for 2-3 days with...
-6ml PPS Pro

And that should be it and here comes the picture! :D

Sorry for the mess but I've just finished it when the picture was taken, and didn't have enough time since the nap period started soon after...

If you like to comment or ask any questions, be glad to do so (criticism is well accepted too!).

Thanks for your time,

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