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Here’s the deal. I have a 65g lit by a Fluval fresh and plant 32w (phenomenal light, really), I’ll post a pic of my lighting table. I have Fluval stratum covering Flourite. I dose Excel, Flourish and Flourish Fe per the bottle recommendation. The growth in the tank is nothing short of amazing. I never though a low tech non C02 injected tank could be so lush and verdant with little to no algae. The problem is as the older leaves mature they get very ratty and I just can’t pinpoint the issue.

Thank you in advance, hope some old faces pop in!
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When the older leaves deteriorate quickly while new growth looks fine. The problem is likely a mobile nutrient deficiency. Mobile nutrients are nutrients a plant can remove from and older leaf and move it to the new growth. Once nutrients are removed from an old leaf the leaf will eventually die. Plants need 14nutrients to grow. but only 6are mobile. they are nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus Phosphate, Magnesium, Chlorine, and molybdenum. I would too he following:
  1. Make sure you do a water change once a week.Preferably replace no less than 30 percent a wek.
  2. Check your nitrate, nitrite and ammonia levels. If all are zero you might have a nitrogen deficiency.
  3. Get a phosphate test kit. Again you don't want to see zero. Generally you only need about 1ppm of phosphate to satisfy the needs of plants. Again you don't want to see zero.
  4. Get a GH test kit and check your GH level. The GH (General Hardness) test only detects calcium and magneisum. High calcium and magnesium levels cause hard water deposits in showers or sinks. Most people have a GH above 3 degrees. GH. if your gh is less than 3 o you might have a magnetism deficiency.
If your nitrogen is zero you can try dosing Seachem nitrogen. maintaining a nitrate level of 5ppm should be enough to eliminate a nitrogen deficiency. Seachem also sells a bottle of Phosphate. maintaining a level of 1ppm phosphate should be enough for plants. If you suspect a GH problem you can buy a bottle of seachem replenish and boost your GH by 2 degrees.

As for phosphate, Chlorine, and molybdenum there are no tests kits for these that I am aware of. but seachem replenish in addition to supplying magnesium and calcium it also also has potassium and chloride salts ( Yes plants need chlorine but hot as a toxic gas but instead as a safe chloride salt.) Seachem nitrogen and phosphate will also have a small amount of potassium. or your could get a bottle of seachem potassium. As to Molybdenum plants only need about 0.001ppm of it in your water Tap water should have some. You cannot test for it. And seachem doesn't sell a bottle of it. About all you could do is to switch to a fertilizer with Chelated Molybdenum Molybdenum EDTA on the ingredients But given the very small amount plants need I wouldn't worry about it unless all of the above doesn't work.
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