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why is my red lotus staying small?

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i have two n. stellata rubra bulbs that ive had for about four months now. they had 2-3 leaves when i got them. now they have 8-12 leaves great color and shape but they dont shoot towards the surface at all. they always stay at substrate level. is this normal of the species? they are under 55w in a 15g and have never sent a leaf to the surface? whats going on?
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IME, N.Stellata whether green or red will grow much more compactly under good lighting. If the lighting is low the leaves search for the surface in order to get more.
You are supplying excellent light. They like it where they are. Be happy......they can be a PITA when light limited.

ok thanks. its just ive seen them in other tanks and the leaves are about 2-3" across. i would like to get mine that size theyre only about an inch. going to get some greenlight remover today maybe they will geta boost. thanks again.
Just shadow them for a couple days, they will reach up to the surface rather quickly. You can also keep your lights off for a couple days, the same will happen but to all your plants. When no plants are shadowing it, my lotus stays very low to the ground too.

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio
i have since dosed some kno3 and things are looking up. the leaves are starting to turn upwards now and color is way more defined. i cant wait to see it get big!
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