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I think I would run this from a power supply, not just one wire.
A timer for the moonlights. (one outlet)
A timer for the day lights. If you want the various day lights on and off a different times this means more timers. (1 outlet for T-8, one for heat/UV that the turtles need)
Another couple of outlets would be useful for whatever filter and water heater you are running.
The T8 needs a ballast/starter that is right for the bulb(s) you are using. Sounds like a little one.
Incandescent does not need a ballast, of course.

I use the Intermatic timers. They control only one outlet, but you can plug an adapter into the timer and plug in several things if you want the same timing on all of them. Be careful that the watts and amps do not exceed the capacity of the timer. Intermatics are labeled for 15 amps, more than enough for several aquarium lights, but check the turtle's UV/heat devices; heaters pull more amps than standard lighting.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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