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Will Flourish Excel kill fish?

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I have terrible hair algae boom so I decide to over dosing Flourish Excel to kill them. Actually, this is my first time using the Flourish Excel. I got it last night and put 25mlx3 in my 55gal tank. This morning, the hair algae does look thinner and this is a good thing. But I notice the platy and cat fish looks weird after I add the Flourish Excel. They just don't move that much. I even suspect they are dead. Should I do water change ASAP or just let them sit in until the hair algae get controlled?
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Hi freshyleif,

If I just follow the dosing instruction, will it still hurt the fish? I am thinking of following the instruction and kill the algae gradually! (If it work)
Not sure if it will kill the fish but I did notice a certain degree of the stress they show! Anyway, I did a water change and they become a little bit normal now! From what I have observed, I believe there's a chance the fish will die or at least become weak! I will post again if my fish die!
I probably lost one zebra loach. Can't find it anywhere! I have done a couple of water changes during the week the rest of them seem to be fine. Anyway, I will say the Flourish Excel is really effective to deal with the hair algae! I think my tank is under control now!
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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