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Will Flourish Excel kill fish?

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I have terrible hair algae boom so I decide to over dosing Flourish Excel to kill them. Actually, this is my first time using the Flourish Excel. I got it last night and put 25mlx3 in my 55gal tank. This morning, the hair algae does look thinner and this is a good thing. But I notice the platy and cat fish looks weird after I add the Flourish Excel. They just don't move that much. I even suspect they are dead. Should I do water change ASAP or just let them sit in until the hair algae get controlled?
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It probably also depends on your present tank parameters also. I have dosed a little more heavily at times and I notice signs of stress on my fish. The corys remain static on the substrate. The lamp eyes freak out and the weaker ones die. My betta seems disoriented. My ph is generally low though and the extra Excel might have lowered it to unbearable levels (?)
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