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Will my stand hold?

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Ok, it's pretty safe to say that I'm not a carpenter by any means. I originally built this stand at my apartment with some hand tools, and it held my 20 gal high for over 1/2 a year. Now I finally painted it and want to add a granite piece to the top (my parents just installed granite counter tops and gave me the sink cutout). Do you think this stand can hold the additional weight of the granite? I built it so that the 2x4's sit on top of a frame of 2x6's (I have a photo to clarify.) I used a ton of screws, but no glue. So what are your opinions?

Here's the pic showing the base ( sorry its sideways-rotate to the left)

Here's a pic showing the top cross beam connection.
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I would add a section of 2x4 across the top joining the rear and the front sections as you have done to the bottom, this will make sure it is a stable. but yes, you could put a lot of weight on that thing. People under estimate the straight of wood. As long as you are compressing it through its length, a single 2x4 is quite strong. Just use common sense. It's a relatively narrow cabinet so don't go crazy high with the tank.
AWESOME!!! I'm totally excited! I got my granite today, so I'll connect the two top pieces together then. Also, its 41.5 inches high, is that too tall?
Thanks for you guy's input. It helps to alleviate the worries I've had about it.
Part of me is excited because changing to the new stand means a new re-scape! Thanks again,
Now watch that @%$)*& stand collapse when you fill the tank. If so, I never met you, never heard of you, who me???
very well then, I shall hold you personally responsible!

without any structural improvements, this stand could probably hold a 500 pound dancing gorilla! It will be fine. don't worry.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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