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I don't think those fish would be a problem as long as there is decent cover (plants, wood, rocks, etc) in the tank. If the shrimp don't have any place to hide (especially babies), the colony probably won't make it in the long term.

I keep cherries with a lot of different kinds of fish (in around 20 tanks), and find that they survive and breed regularly as long as other conditions in the tank are favorable. You'll probably lose the odd shrimp here or there, and a percentage of the offspring that aren't as good at hiding as your fish are at eating.

I trade off or sell my extra shrimp at my local fishclub. I've seen cherries for $7 a piece at the local stores, but they usually go for $1-$1.50/each at the club.

I wouldn't experiment much at $5-7, but if you can find them cheap, maybe pick up 10 and see how they do?

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