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Will spiral screw-in CFLs work?

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I have a 20" high tank and I am currently using three 27W spiral screw-in compact fluorescent bulbs to light the tank. I know that these spiral bulbs lose strength due to the restrike. What kind of plants do you guys think I can grow with this lighting?

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Marky you are correct on the meaning of restrike. There is a term for what freydo mentioned where the bulbs have to "warm up" but i can't remember it right now.

I would definately take out that 2700K bulb and replace it with a 6500K one. I am using two 13W 6500K bulbs in my 10 gallon and have hardly any algae and am growing a couple type of Ludwigia and chain sword well with only a splash on Flourish every now and then.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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