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I really like the premise of this scape, and nice rock choice. The colors and textures are right on but it seems that the rocks are lacking flow.

Maybe keep all the rocks but arrange them a little better or pull the smaller ones and keep the three larger rocks as mentioned above. I think if you did just keep the three larger rocks they could still benefit from a little change in position. If you keep the three large rocks, maybe shift the left most rock a little to the right. I really like the placement of the middle and right larger rocks as well as the slope, very defining features. The smaller rocks as they lay just make it seem a little cluttered IMO.

How big is your tank?? It seems very small but this is really only due to the relatively large size gravel that you can see, if smaller gravel were used it would make this tank appear to be enormous by comparison, even if you only changed the front visible gravel.

Hope you’re not offended; I'm just throwing out my thoughts. I think your tank is great and you can do what you like with it. :D Thanks for sharing
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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