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Windmill water

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I just got my new 75 gallon set up and would like to put some blue rams in it. The guy at my LFS says that they only use water from the local windmill dispensers. My test kit wont measure GH/KH below 20/10. I think that it is R/O water. He says that they dont add anything to it and they also use it in their plant tanks with no trouble. Does anyone else have windmill water stations in their towns and have you ever used it for fish/plants? I would like to use tap water but it is really hard (gh 160 kh 70) and ph about 8. I know that the plants would do fine, but the rams wont. Should I just buy a different test kit and check the windmill water? Anyone know of a decent/cheap test kit for GH/KH?

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My kit measures in mg/L (ppm) so my GH is 160ppm and KH is 70ppm. PH is about 8. I believe that comes to GH 8.9 and KH 3.9 german degrees. Correct me if Im wrong. Wouldn't the high PH also cause a problem with them?

It will probably be a while before I do get them, but I do want to figure out which way I want to go with the water...tap or bottle... pretty soon. I am taking some of the bottle water in to get tested this afternoon and will post up the results.

Thanks for the info!
Sounds good. I think I will end up mixing some R/O water with my tap just to bring the ph down to about 7.5-7.8. I think that will be pretty easy (i hope!). Does anyone have any experience mixing r/o and tap? Anything I should know beforehand?

Great! Thanks! Thats what I will shoot for. I dont have a quarantine tank yet, but I may be able to talk the gf into letting me get another tank :) I will let you know how things go. I should get it all done today I hope.
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