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OK, I'll try this one. When you say your tap is really hard with a gh/kh of 160/70 are you really saying that is the degrees of hardness or ppm? Someone else might want to chime in here, but if the conversion is ppm / 17.8 to get gh or kh then your water is fine for blue rams as long as they are not wild caught. You will know if you have wild caught. Most are the Asian bred variety and they tolerate higher gh and kh. I have blue rams (Asian variety - locally bred) in a 75 with gh @ 5 to 6 and kh @ 3 to 4. This has worked out fine for me and my dealer tells me I can only put them in RO water.

That being said, I did see your tank in another thread and have the following thoughts - blue rams are somewhat expensive and sometimes have a short (2 years) life expectancy. I think you would have best success with these fish if you wait until the tank is grown out and you get some experience with it. You could keep your pocketbook busy buying a algae eating crew and some more plants. Jam the tank full of plants, let it get broken in, learn it's rhythm, and go through a few major prunings before spending the big bucks on fish. Find some hardy midwater fish that will be compatible with your eventual addition of blue rams. Rams are truly beautiful fish and have wonderful "personalities". any extra effort now will pay big dividends later.

That is just my humble .02's. Someone, please clarify the hardness issue if I have bungled it.

Jay Reeves
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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