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Would these 3 fish get along?

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Would these 3; Furcata Rainbow, Gertrudae Rainbow, and Threadfin Rainbow; be ok in a planted 40 gallon tank?
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They should all do fine together, just give them lots of cover as the threadfins like to have places to hide.
They will be all fine.

My only remark is that you should make sure that the threadfins get enough food. The furcata and the Gertrude are much more athletic and will eat most of the food.

The threadfins will go to the bottom and look for food there too. Furcata and Gertrude seldom do that. So overall the 3 species will do fine toghether.

I suggest you look for an internet seller that has all 3 of them AND provides full guarantee on the shipment.:)

I'd do the threadfins in a species only tank or with less aggressive eaters, but otherwise they should be OK. Like niko said, just pay attention to the threadfins. GL!
I have 6 threadfins in a 55 gallon with 10 glo light tetras, 3 praecox rainbows, 5 mollies and a few others. In my tank they stay in the top third and eat like crazy. The main thing is to crush the flakes or make sure that any frozen food is shaved a bit to give small bits of food. The smaller bits tend to float around more and gives them a chance to eat. I usually crush the first bit and then put in some whole peices. The larger fish tend to go for the larger flakes and the threadfins get a chance to eat.
It depends on what size they are. I started keeping my jack dempsey with otto cats since its about 1 inch, now its about 6 inch and still get alone fine with otto cats. I do a head count once a week, none of the ottos were eaten. Start them small.
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