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Would you use styrofoam sheet under substrate to protect tank?

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I've always used a 1/2 in. styrofoam sheet right over the bottom of my glass tanks under the substrate to protect them from rocks. For a new 29 g Biocube setup I'm about to start I'll be using much smaller and fewer stones than I've used in larger tanks. Would you bother with the styrofoam sheet for this tank?
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the other thing you can use is 'eggcrate' on the bottom.

But for a nano, unless you're planning to balance a very heavy rock precipitously on something at the top of the tank, I would think you'd be able to skip it....
I use thin, black foam-like shelf liner under my small rim-less tanks and I helps a lot. Not to mention the mat is very "sticky" (for lack of a better word since it is not exactly sticky) and keeps the small tanks from moving when someone bumps them.
Dryn, where did you get it? I was asking about styrofoam inside the tank to protect from rocks in the layout, but it would be nice to put a thin black layer under my nano tank as well, though I doubt someone is going to move a 300-320lb tank of its stand easily.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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