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Looking for the following plants:

Anubias Petites - Preferably, lots of leaves on them. I'm looking for 8-10 pcs. Hoping to pay no more than 3 dollars per. I bought 5 a week ago and I'm wishing I bought all 10 :-(... it was such a good deal.

I need about 3-5 Crypt Parva and 3-5 Crypt Lucens
Post your price in this thread and PM me :icon_surp

I am looking for a spikey erio. I already have thailand/cinereum and mini, so preferable something different. I just need one or two... depending on price.

Looking for red cherry shrimp. I need them to be a nice red color, not the pale trash that I've constantly been getting. I need them of mixed sizes, about 20-25 pcs.

I would prefer to get all of these from one person, that would be freaking ideal. However, I highly doubt that'll happen, so if you have at least 2 or more, then please PM me! If you have only one, then post a msg here so I can keep track of you and get to you as a last resort kind of thing. I am leaving the country for 2 weeks on Sept. 1. So I'd like to order this within a day or two so I can get the package by this week. I can receive packages on Monday, since I am leaving Monday night.

Thank you in advance!
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