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WTB - Glossostigma elatinoides or Elatine gussonei

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WTB - Echinodorus Quadricostatus or any nice foreground plant

looking for a good amount of this or something else...let me know what u have thanks!
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Glosso should be easy to find, but the gussonei will be near impossible to find...especially at that amount. It is just coming into the scene.
ahh ok thanks. id also be happy with some Echinodorus Quadricostatus if thats easier to find.
I have just pulled my glosso from the forground of a 10 gallon. PM me about details, if you are still interested. I won't be around this evening but will be able to reply around 10-11 to my PM. I also have some other plants for grabs, if it will help make it worth your while.
im having second thoughts about glosso. I dont have any Co2 in the tank right now so im not sure itll grow right, what do u think?
If you are interested in growing glosso, the CO2 will definitely help. With that said, prior to switching to a pressurized tank, I used the yeast-based DIY method for a couple of years to successfully grow glosso.

If you are still interested, contact Dennis. And, if Dennis doesn't have his excess glosso anymore, I could send you some at a low price.
Actually, mine is all gone now, sorry.
I have some Elatine gussonei seeds now. I'll try and grow them out. If sucessfull, I'll start to spread it around some :)
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