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wtb java moss.or any other moss.

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well actually im looking for large portion.if sb has enough for sale please reply here or send a message.thanks.
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thats enough but the auction is ends at 8 days so it will take more than 12 days to have it.thanks.
talk to IUnknown on this forum, he has alot
Java Moss!!!!

did you find your moss??
if not pls post me back.. i will be glad to share a big portion that i have growing in a 8g that more than needs thinning back.. new at this so tell me best way to pack and ship and it's yours..
if you no longer need it and someone else dones give a shout!!
will not be able to check reply till later ..
anyone help me find "mat" to attach my riccia to??
well im looking for at least 2 handfuls.if you have that much we have a me.why you dont try slate rock for your riccia?its easy to find.
when you say 3 potions how much is that?is that 3 handfuls or smaller?thanks.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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