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WTB: Limnophila aromatica, Pogostemon stellatus, and more

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Limnophila aromatica
Pogostemon stellatus 'broad leaf' - This is not the narrow leaf Pogostemon stellata. What I am looking for has a broader leaf and is easier to grow.
Rotala 'Nanjenshan'
Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Cuba'

I am looking for at least 6 stems of each but I would like more of course. Preferably from the same seller, or at least 2 of the 4 from one seller. Let me know what you have.

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Bump, Still looking. Even if you have a lot of one of these : Limnophila aromatica
Pogostemon stellatus . Let me know. I didnt think these would be hard plants to find.
Dont know what that means but thanks for the bump.

Still Looking.
I made a mistake....
BTW someone is selling Limno.
I know I just used your post as a reason to bump the thread back to the top. Also already PMed the person selling LA, I wish they would have PMed me before posting but its ok.
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