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WTB: Petite, Arcuata, needle leaf Lud, more

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I have some things I'm after (obviously) and I'd like to see if anyone has a few of them for sale or for sale soon.

I need:

A. Nana Petite - how much I need depends on price. I'm more than willing to watch my tank grow out, but this one grows slowly so if it was cheap enough I would definitely buy more of this one.
Needle Leafed Ludwigia - one bunch will do. two if the price is right
Ludwigia Arcuata - same as above
Hygro sunset - same as above
Low gro hygro - ^
Also looking for some midground (this is the area of plants where I'm lost so far. I know which stems I like and my foregrounds are lush, but everytime I buy a midground plant it looks horrible in there!) I have blyxa in to compliment the hairgrass and soften the hardscape, but I need something small/thin leaved for behind a few of the hardscape pieces that'll get maybe 6" or so that won't mind trimming if it gets above that. Any suggestions?

oh and PM if you have a few of the plants listed above and your prices shipped.

Thanks :)
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