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WTT - Grade A CRS, for grade A or better bee shrimp

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Just as the title says, I have many grade A, Crystal Red shrimp and I am looking to trade some for Crystal Black/Bee Shrimp. My shrimp are of good quality and I am looking for the same, A grade or better. If any one is intrested please get a hold of me, I am able to borrow a camera and get pictures if desired.

Thank you!
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Anyone able to help me out??? :)

Guess i should also add I would be willing to BUY some black bee's if any one had some of good quality to part with. Looking for 5-10, Please let me know :)
there are 5 black shrimp forsale on aquabid for 25 i think
I've got black diamonds breeding all the way up to mosuras, and for sale up to no entry hinomarus, starting at A grade. PM me if interested.

Thread back from the dead! Haha, i actually have gotten rid of my CRS since this was posted due to a move, and now am looking for a house... but have been wanting to set up a big shrimp system once i do find one.... So I will be looking again, just not until i'm moved in ;)
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