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WTT or WTB: Emersed Plants!

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So, I'm in a collecting mood (as usual) and am looking to get some new goodies for my emersed tubs. I'm not looking for any one particular species, though, just something I don't currently have. I've got a soft spot for unusual plants - things that you can't get everywhere - and ones that look interesting. Not a huge fan of Erios, they never do well in our local liquid rock :p I'm only looking for specimens that are already emersed, though. Roots are a bonus but not strictly necessary, except for plants with crowns LOL. I like stems and foreground species best, but wouldn't argue a nice sword or crypt... U.S. natives from down south would be lovely, too.

I'm willing to offer up in trade cuttings/babies of my own emersed plants, or anything you see in my sales thread. Among my less-than-common emersed specimens are Staurogyne sp. 'Porto Velho', Poaceae sp. 'Purple Bamboo', Gratiola aurea, Lindernia grandiflora, and Lindernia dubia. I also have some common fare like Alternanthera reineckii, Bacopa monnieri and B. caroliniana, Micranthemum umbrosum, Ludwigia palustris, Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea', and a couple of Echnodorus plantlets. Oh, and a handful of baby Zephyranthes candida (rain lilies) if you're looking for something for a pond or paludarium. :)
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Let me know when the next auction is, I'll bring a bunch of stuff from my emersed setups for you to have some fun with.

Crypts/swords,ludwigia,and foreground. :^)

Hmmmm. I think I'm camping upstate that weekend. @[email protected]
If its raining I won't be though.

Can ship you up a box if you want. Your call, just pay shipping and we can meet up the next auction.

There is something big happening in Jersey in the second week of October. Not sure if you're game to go to it because of the drive but I hear its pretty big, convention thing at a hotel, some vendors and an auction. Kinda like the NEC one we went to.

I'll shoot you a message after I decide whats happening! Camping/booze/relaxing/stars might outweigh aquariums :^(
On a better note looks like I got some new crypts from one of my friends. Tonkinensis and albida :^)

The cpos died in my sakura tank. I think my sakuras ate them.
Gotta setup rack number two to make room for cpos again :^(

I can throw you some juvie crystals to upgrade your colony a bit if you want.
I've some pretty decent looking A's with solid coloring.

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