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Wu and his wife Fan are members of DFWAPC. Wu has been running his tank in a somewhat unusual way - one of the things is that he has no biofilter.
See pictures of his tank here. An impressive tank for sure!

On the DFWAPC mailing list I asked Wu to give us details about his tank. Here's what he wrote:

Volume and dimensions
100 gals., 60 x 18 x 18

Pump outflow at the point of discharge in the tank
Quiet One 3000, 780 gph, 10 feet max. header, 6.5 feet core header, the actual outflow could be around 300 gph.

Schultz Aquatic Plant Soil for Wal-Mart

Water (RO, tap?)
Tap only - pH=7.4, KH 5.

Frequency and amount of water changes
15% daily.

Water properties
pH: morning 6.6, night 6.8. Temperature is between 82 and 86 degree (room temp. is 82) which is not good.

How much is the light and how long you have it on every day?
4 x 80 GE Starcoat T5 6500k + 2 x workhorse ballast + 4 x Tek reflector. Two timer controls - one from 10 AM to 7 PM, one from 11 AM to 8 PM.

Fertilizers and frequency and amounts you dose?
DIY PMDD: 2 tbs KCl + 1 tbs KNO3 + 1 tbs MgSO4 x 7H2O + 1/4 tsp K3PO4 in about 250 mls. tap water.
20 mls. daily. I think I posted a more concentrated fomula before, it would depend on the CO2 level.

Flourish Iron 10 mls. daily. Some time I do only 5 mls. depending on the green spot algae on the glass.

Flourish 5 mls. daily.

One more timer control for the air pump from 7:30 PM to 10:30 AM.

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