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This used to be my 55 gallon a year ago...

This year I tore it apart to make this 40 gallon breeder only 23 days ago...

Both water sources are different as I had moved from philly to the suburbs. I'm pretty sure the water parameters differ slightly enough. I currently had to suspend the pressurized co2 method for now. I am using flourish excel as my carbon source. I am leaning alot towards a slower growing set-up. My anubias plants were starting to develop small holes with roughly 20 million strains of algae all over the leaves. lol. The most infected leaves were clipped.

The lighting is the coralife 4x65 watt 6700k. Same light fixture from the first 55gallon. The 55 is now an oscar tank. However I now suspend the light a good 20 inches above the new 40 gallon breeder. Lighting runs 10-11 hours a day full on. This allows me to use the lighting to light 2x10 gallon tanks which sit to the right of the 40 (not pictured). The change of lighting distance vs. growth vs. algae are on target for the most part. For the past 23 days of being setup algae has been curtailed quite a bit even with my water stats. Hair algae has just started to grow on the glass. I never treated the plants prior to the transplanting. I noticed the "diatoms" towards the front on the gravel probably due to the exact lighting placement above the tank. The lighting tends to light more of the back of the tank which is how I want it placed for now. No worries there. some stats:
ph = 7.6-7.8
GH = 12
KH = 7
Ammonia = < .25 ppm
NO2 = 0
NO3 = > 80 ppm (very high i know)
Phosphate = > 5.0 ppm

Fertilizers - 1/8 teaspoon Plantex micro nutrients daily
- 1/8 teaspoon potassium daily
- 3 milliliters Flourish Iron. (reinstated this past week when i observed the stem plants looking bleak and stunted, anubias nana was developing holes. So far some stem plant growth has rebounded.
- 5 milliliters Flourish Excel daily

My anubias species(nana, barteri, coffefolia, calidifolia) are doing well. Lobelia cardinalis growth has changed the most as it now produces much smaller leaves. There is one small cutting of Alternanthera Reineckii which does nothing.It will be getting pulled soon since it is the same if not less than what I started. The Crypts in the far right corner had minimal melting and producing new leaves. Echinodorus parviflorous to the front left is doing good. The low qrowing crypt species to the front right has started to settle in well and actually producing a longer leaf pattern. My stem plants are growing slowly (cabomba caroliniana, bacopa caroliniana, bacopa monnieri and another stem I can't remember right now). Overall the growth in all plants have slowed as expected due to the changes I made in every department.

The inhabitants are 6 bronze cory's which I've had going on 2 years. They had babies at least twice. only one baby remained from the first birth that I didn't even know occurred the other year. There are currently 6-7 babies that are 4 months old and some of these guys actually got sucked into the Rena Xp2 canister filter when they hatched. For a month they lived in the filter before I realized they were even in there. I'm lazy on filter maintenance. Consequently the 'Filter' babies developed more slowly and are smaller than the siblings that stayed in the tank. BTW there's 2 otos which I never see much. Any comments or ideas you have, let me know. My experience is very limited. Thanks.

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I don't know much about the science of lighting, but that's good you've got the fixture height figured to keep the WPG from being too high. I used excel for awhile before recently getting a pressurized set-up and it got rid of my algae after a couple months of regular use (unless it was something else that did's hard to say... ) .

Your plants look good and very healthy. Did you switch bulb types (Kelvin rating, etc...) ? The new tank pic looks so much more natural, and BRIGHT!

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