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Description: Yamato Aquariums manufactures and distributes plant nutrients and products for the planted aquarium. Growing beautiful aquarium plants suddenly became easy!

Yamato Green - for the average planted aquarium. Provides a rich source of chelated iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, boron, sulfur, copper, vitamins and plant auxins (growth stimulators), and other essential nutrients. Contains no phosphates. It is intended for planted aquariums with average fish loads.

Yamato Green-N - for the heavily planted aquarium with a light fish load. Contains all the nutrients found in regular Yamato Green, plus Nitrogen. Contains no phosphates.

Yamato Green-K - A highly concentrated source of potassium, essential for plants to utilize other nutrients. Not necessary if you use Yamato Green, but helpful with other brands of fertilizer that do not contain potassium.

Yamato Green-Fe - Concentrated source of iron, chelated for easy assimilation by the plants.

Image © Yamato Aquarium Supply

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