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Description: Safely removes harmful Chlorine and Chloramine from your aquarium. Works on contact in seconds. Unlike many other dechlorinators, this product contains nothing harmful to invertebrates such as shrimp. It dechlorinates the water, and that's all it does.

It doesn't remove heavy metals (such as iron, manganese, and other expensive components that you pay good money to add to your planted tank in the form of fertilizers).

It doesn't enhance anybody's "slime coat," which may use chemicals that threaten respiration in your fish by blocking the gills and interfering with oxygen exchange. Some "slime coat enhancers" can be very irritating to a fish's skin. This is of particular concern for sensitive fish such as Clown Loaches or smooth-skinned Catfish. No-Chlor is ideal for these fish.

It neutralizes chlorine. If your city uses Chloramine for sanitation, it breaks the chloramine bond and instantly renders the chlorine in there safe as well.

Safe for saltwater tanks. Contains nothing that might harm delicate corals, invertebrates, anemones, shrimp, etc.

Perfect for outdoor ponds, since a single 8 ounce bottle can treat 2,500 gallons of water. Very economical to use.

If you're looking for a simple, safe, efficient dechlorinator, this is the product for you. One 8-ounce bottle safely treats 2,500 gallons of water.

Oh, yes, it's completely non-toxic if you want to add extra (such as during the summer, when your municipal water department adds extra chlorine to your drinking water). In fact, No-Chlor is completely safe for fish at up to 100x overdosage!! This means your 2-year old could dump the entire bottle in the aquarium, and your fish are not going to die.

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