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Yellow Leaves

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I Have A 35 Gallon Tank Semi Planted Tank, With Crypts And Anubias Since A Year Ago, Suddenly The Leaves Are Turning Yellow On The Crypts And Disintegrating On The Anubias, I Add Iron An Potassium On A Weekly Basis, What I Am Missing
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tell more about your set up. imho, i would assume there is a nutrient imbalance big time. what do you does and how often?
Sounds like pottasium defficency that's what happens when a plant starts turning yellow and brownish.If this is what your dosing with Seachem i would reccomend get other products from Seachem such as Flourish,Flourish excell,Nitrogen,Phosphorus,you have potassium and iron.
My tank is stocked with two angels, 12 tetras, 4 cory and 3 plecos, I also add phosphorus and nitrogen every two week, but I most admit I had only 1.5 watts per gallon, but plants were driving fairly well until a couple of weeks ago. What else can I do, How can I have my anubias recover?
What are the levels of Nitrate, Phosphate, KH and PH in your tank?
How often do you do water changes?
How long do you keep your lights on?

I recently moved to Monterrey from Miami. I have dry chemicals - KNO3 (potassium), KH2PO4 (phosphate), and CSM (traces) - I could share with you if it turns out that is the problem.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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